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This is the place I record the musings of my Muse. She's a smart little cookie so you might like to pay attention to her, as I do... LOL!

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romancePosted by Nhys 28 May, 2013 15:08:49
Writing a Blog is not my first choice in activities, I have to say. I find myself wondering what to write, who will bother reading it and wouldn't I be better of writing articles or fiction rather than spending time jotting down the musings of my Muse.

But after all those thoughts have come and gone I am left with the need to connect with my readers in a more meaningful way. And this, they tell me, is the most meaningful way - besides my books, of course.

So I'll hand over to my Muse now and see what she has to say about Romance:

When you read or write romance it is an act of faith. You are putting out into the Universe the thought that love can change the world, one person at a time. It isn't about the heady 'in love' sensation, which is the fodder of Romance, I know. It's the deeper, more meaningful love that inspires greatness, that's self-less and transformative - that is true love.

Acknowledging that kind of love when it comes to you is not always easy. The self-protective part of the self screams to get away. It knows that change has to come when such a love is discovered, and the self doesn't like to change. So the first attraction is often followed by resistance, a drawing back before it's too late.

That's why there is usually a withdrawal phase in a relationship. It's the time when the Self and self do battle over what the future will hold. Will it be more of the old or will it be the more challenging new?

Some readers of my books complain that attraction is too immediate. Love is experienced too quickly. But the recognition phase is often instant - the Spirit knows the moment it sees an opportunity to grow, and it jumps at the chance. It's only when the realisation becomes conscious that resistance sets in - the drawing back - and the fear begins.

When you read my books think about what draws lovers together and then what pushes them apart. That push pull goes on in your own relationships all the time. Jung calls it Shadow Dancing... and we all Dance until we accept that its the love that is really important and allow it to turn Shadow to Light.

Fill in only if you are not real

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Posted by Nhys 02 Jul, 2013 16:29:55

Absolutely. I always 'know' people who come into my life who are significant. I see them as past life connections, or soul friends. Whatever they are, they're significant and its almost like you can start half way through, rather than at the beginning of a relationship/friendship, because its like you're just reconnecting rather than forming new connections.

Posted by Jan 29 May, 2013 01:17:53

i can't agree more! "love" is such an all encompassing word, including lovers to friends and i believe it's the most important force in all the universe. i like the term "shadow dancing" describes relationships perfectly doesn't it.....and as for that "instant attraction" well it does exist! there was "something" there when i first laid eyes on my husband when i first saw him, almost as if something within me recognised him. a similar thing has happened with friendships i've formed over the years - i meet someone and i feel "that's a person i could really like" and whenever that "click" happens, the friendship is a good one.

i think that's why i enjoy your books so much, the relationships are (at least to me) perfectly feasible and those slightly naughty scenes arise quite naturally between characters who are attracted to one another. the really nice thing about that side of the book is that they're sharing love, it's not just another raunchy sex scene whacked in wherever possible to grab the attention of the reader.

romance with a storyline - a story grounded in well documented historical facts, believable characters and a bit of adventure! what an incredible combination and it works well.